A Glimpse of the Gulf

I had so many amazing ideas for our stay in Tampa. Then we got sick. I came down with an ever-morphing cold that completely stole my voice and countless hours of sleep. My babe fought with a stomach flu that robbed his energy and his tolerance for mommy’s adventures. The hubs, living in our tiny petri dish, prayed he wouldn’t catch one thing or the other. So despite having a bunch of amazing plans, we did nothing but enjoy the sun, the sand between our toes and some really yummy Cuban food, because, Tampa!

This was our first trip to the gulf, and I would love to go back! The calm water and beautiful white sand beach was the perfect playground for the babe. We walked, searched for shells, crabs and other sea treasures. Beckett made fast friends with all the other beach-going kiddos, happy to build castles with someone his own age. I loved seeing the cutest sand pipers scurrying about in the whitewash and the hubs went out for a swim. I’m always surprised at how enjoyable a day with no agenda can be, and am trying to allow for more of these moments in our life. Moments where we slow down and just enjoy each other. No check-lists. No time-frames. No commitments. Why is that so hard?!!

We stayed at the Double Tree Beach Resort by Hilton at North Reddington Beach. The rooms were fine, the beach-front property was divine! Here’s a view from our room!

My babe… so happy with some wheels.

Do we look sick? It was bad, trust me. Sunshine always helps.

This is what we miss when I book our days solid. So happy for these moments!

We walked and talked (well, not me so much, my voice was seriously MIA for weeks) and borrowed this little girl from her tired grandmother. She almost looked like she belonged with us.

This sunset was so pretty!

With the day coming to a close, we ventured out for some Cuban Sandwiches. We found Barracuda Deli Cafe on Yelp and 200+ reviewers didn’t lie, it was delish! The portions were huge, and we ate it all!

This ice cream, en route to the airport, was absolutely necessary and totally helped my sore throat! Also, I am so tan, OMG!

I hope we find ourselves in the area again because I was beyond bummed that we didn’t get to visit the Big Cat Rescue. Beckett would have flipped! He just loves cats. Like really, really, really loves them. For Thanksgiving, his pre-school class made a cute little turkey with the quote “I’m thankful for _______” underneath it. Beckett wrote in, my kitty! Is this his passive-aggressive way of getting a new pet?!! It’s too bad the hubs is allergic, because I surely would have caved by now. Anyhoo, it’s in my back pocket for another time.

Diane Rose
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