A (Seriously Cute) Dude in the Desert

Something fantastic has happened. I can actually let Beckett play with kiddos his own age, while only loosely supervising, and they don’t kill themselves or each other. It’s amazing! That “oh no, it’s too quiet” moment that would send you scrambling, sprinting… (poof) gone. More signs that my boy, is a baby no more.

Visiting the desert is so wonderful because Beckett can just be a 4-year-old kid. He gets dirty, explores, wanders and pretends to be a cowboy. His “desert cousins” are the perfect ages, and they’ll play happily together for hours on end. They speak the same language. It’s a nice break for me from the preschool-aged play scenarios that challenge my brain. It’s a win-win for both of us, a true vacation!

This hike goes up the hill right behind the Grand’s ranch. Amazing, natural playground, right?! It’s a quick mile to the top, and a great way for these kiddos to burn off some cookie-fueled energy.

Pretending to be a cowboy is pretty darn easy out here!

I swear Becks wasn’t leading Nevada all by himself, but I love this photo because it looks like he is (Oma’s on Nevada’s left, I promise!!).

On Cloud Nine with a kitty…

An impromptu game of horse shoes because, you know, there are horse shoes just laying around (I’m serious, how lucky are these kiddos?!)!

As part of our Christmas gift, the Grand’s took us all to the newly-opened OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale. This beautiful facility was a great way to spend a few hours. There were plenty of areas where you could interact with sea creatures, secret passageways for viewing sea life (a favorite with the kiddos), a 3D movie, a living sea carousal and a great lunch spot in the middle of it all (I had bibimbap!!). Fun!

Pretty sure he’d be swimming with those rays, given the opportunity. He’s practically in the pool already!

HOT TIP: Visit the bathroom on the floor where you enter the aquarium for an up-close and personal view of these beauties. This picture was taken from the living sea carousal, also very cool!

The agenda was pretty simple this trip, spend time with our family and wrap up this holiday season with some sunshine. Done and done!

Diane Rose
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