Autumn Fun at the Apple Orchard

Cooler temperatures and blue skies have been a welcome delight in the PNW and getting out to enjoy these beautiful days have been easy. I wanted to kick off the season with a trip to an apple orchard. Becks has been talking a lot about apples in school, and this was his first trip to a orchard. I have also been enjoying the crisp, sweet taste of our Washington Apples… and my mom makes a mean apple pie that I’m hoping to bribe her into making for me!

After some searching on the web and a neighbor’s suggestion, we made the trek to Lynden, WA to visit a real working farm, Bellewood Acres. Bellewood boasts some 20 varieties of apples on more than 18,000 trees, including Honey Crisp Apples, one of my very favorites.

After purchasing our bags (which include free train-ride tickets), one for Honey Crisps and one for the other 3 varieties that were ripe, we were off on the Apple Bin Express. 10 pound bags were $20 for Honey Crisp and $16.50 for the other varieties, which on this day included Fuji, Gala and Bellewood Prince (a Canadian variety renamed for the farm in the US).

We were given some instruction and then let loose in the orchard to find the perfect fruit, while snacking along the way. Yummm!

There was no shortage of apples folks, but these two had to get the perfect ones! And, these apples are HUGE!! I’ve never seen bigger apples, seriously!!

We filled our bags and our tummies, and enjoyed the sunshine. What a spectacular day!

There was so much more to do here than just u-pick apples. We saw a pumpkin patch and corn maze, there was corn hole and a tractor-tire playground, loads of eats and a cute gift shop to name a few. I enjoyed this frozen apple cider, yes frozen, because it was just so nice and refreshing after a day in the warm, autumn sun.

Exploring this beautiful state we live in, with my beautiful little family, will warm my heart long after the sun disappears for the winter… and winter is coming!

Diane Rose
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