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This little San Diego adventure is getting filed under the category, #BOYMOM = AWESOME! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the time when Beckett would really be in awe of this place. My patience paid off, and (bonus) we got to spend the day with some of our favorite peeps. All aboard the marvelous Midway! We started our audio tour on the Hangar Deck, geared up to earn our Junior Pilot Wings. First discoveries: the Enlisted Sailors’ Bunks, Engineering, the Control Room and the Brig! The Brig is the ship’s jail. We

Here it is, the grande finale, the cherry-on-top, the big enchilada… Plitvice Lakes National Park! I had been day-dreaming about this park since I knew of it’s existence. When we began to mull-over the thought of traveling to Croatia, I knew the only way I would make the trip was if we were able to squeeze this in. I had never seen anything quite like it, and now having been there I can confidently say, the journey was worth it. Even with terrible morning sickness, even in the rain… I’ll

We called an audible, enroute to Plitvice Lakes, when a taxi driver said these five words… “You can swim at Krka”. With two boys drawn to the water, like moths to a flame, our destiny was changed, and it was worth it (even with a few hiccups). We had no solid information, just rough directions and instruction to “follow the signs”. Aaand, we went with it! Haha. This is not me. I am a planner, especially when we travel. I’m game to change plans if new information arises that gives

Split was the first city where I noticed converging cultures. It’s bustling city and diversity was something we hadn’t seen along the Adriatic thus far. I happily sat down to a burger and fries, and although I wouldn’t call that a “cultural” experience, I welcomed it. After encountering menu after menu of Black Cuttlefish Risotto, I would’ve happily consumed McDonald’s… I know, terrible. Haha. We arrived early on a sweltering day via boat, dropped our bags at one of the most unique hotels I’ve ever stayed, inside Diocletian’s Palace walls,

Hvar Town was our fourth city visit in Dalmatia, and we were seeing a pattern emerge. The ancient town walls, fortress and other centuries-old, stone buildings in the area were a source of pride. They were well maintained, sparkling clean and proudly shared with anyone who cared to visit. We explored Hvar Town, and one of the more beautiful fortresses on another perfect day in Croatia. The fortress, over-looking the town and with views out onto a glistening Adriatic Sea, were worth the climb (and nausea experienced that had now

Often times in Croatia I felt like I’d gotten away from it all, or at the very least, been transported to another time. This day trip, from the island of Korcula, was very literally away from it all. The pay off is some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen! Like many adventures in travel, I find it’s the journey that enriches the beauty of the destination. This journey, shared with amazing friends, was no different. We started off from our accommodations in Korcula Town and headed West, taking in

Korcula was a departure from the bustling and grandiose, Dubrovnik. It’s town was quaint, quiet, also beautiful. Our hotel looked onto the town and harbor from the opposite side of the inlet. We enjoyed these views from Hotel Liburna, especially with our breakfast and at dusk. The easy walk into town was peaceful and picturesque. We sauntered around with no plans, enjoyed the sunshine, sights and gelato. Part of me loves being so behind on posting our travels because these photos really take me back and let me enjoy the

“At the birth of the planet the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegro coast.” -Lord Byron It’s easy to understand how a poet who extensively travelled Europe could make such an eloquent statement. I’ll start my story with these… We left our hotel in Dubrovnik bright and early in this little cutie. The Croatian coast is just as beautiful, here are a few snaps as we left town. This was a full-day trip, that really should have included an over-night stay, more on

This little excursion was recommended by several friends, and I’m not one to pass up the opportunity to go kayaking (especially with the hubs, because he does most of the work, ha ha). I love leisurely activities that make me feel like I accomplish something, without having to be in sweaty clothing for hours. This wasn’t what I’d call leisurely, per se, but I did feel pretty accomplished afterward. And, watersports are the easiest sports in which to cool off… did I mention it was HOT in Croatia?!?! We started

Getting to experience Old Town, Dubrovnik was an amazing way to start what will go down as a pretty, special adventure. We embarked on this journey with two other families who are truly the best kind of friends, the friends that have become our family. Or framily, ha ha! It is a extraordinary life that we get to share with these folks… our friendships growing richer and more colorful, our shared interests and beliefs enriching each others families, and getting to witnessing our kiddos interact as friends and combat as

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