Dubrovnik’s Ancient City Walls, Croatia

Getting to experience Old Town, Dubrovnik was an amazing way to start what will go down as a pretty, special adventure. We embarked on this journey with two other families who are truly the best kind of friends, the friends that have become our family. Or framily, ha ha! It is a extraordinary life that we get to share with these folks… our friendships growing richer and more colorful, our shared interests and beliefs enriching each others families, and getting to witnessing our kiddos interact as friends and combat as siblings. When traveling this big, diverse world, these pieces of home, make our memories even more unforgettable.

We set out to explore the Ancient City Walls on a beautifully sunny, very toasty and slightly windy (thank God) day. Ok, so ALL the days were toasty… these, in Dubrovnik, would prove to be some of the more mild ones. Let’s begin!

Enter through the gates of this old city and you are immediately transported to an ancient century. Only this ancient century is remarkably clean, with all the comforts of the modern world, like pizza slices, popsicles, gelato, and toilets… the important stuff!

First look!

Looking out onto St. Lawrence Fortress. Two draw bridges lead to it’s gate inscribed with “Non Bene Pro Toto Libertas Venditur Auro”. Translated, “Freedom is not to be sold for all the treasures in the world.” This fortress was built early in the 11th century. Then and now we fight for what it means to be free, humbling.

I found it really interesting to learn that many Croats live inside these walls. You can see their laundry hanging out to dry, their mounted satellite dishes and personal gardens.

Heading out along the sea walls.

The city’s harbor was bustling with action. We visited during yacht week and saw some impressive vessels, but inside the Kase Jetty you’ll notice everything from fishing boats, to commuters and rentals, to sailboats and dinner cruisers! Tourism rules the Croatian summer.

The walls were armed at one time with 120 cannons, this was obviously a favorite site of Beckett’s.

An amazing experience (have I already mentioned that??!) and one I will not hesitate to recommend. The views around every turn were spectacular, it was so hard to narrow down the pictures to these few!

Copious amounts of water were consumed this day, as were some cocktails, popsicles and surely some gelato for myself, but I have to say, this treat was my favorite. Fresh-squeezed fruit juice, like every variety you could think of, was available at little “bars” around the city walls. So delicious, I really didn’t want to share, but how could I not with this little dude?!

Best. Travel. Buds. Ever.

And these are just a few from inside the walls. Notice the immaculate limestone-paved streets.

Stumbled into this little market, bought some fruit, washed it in the fresh water fountains and enjoyed it in some well-earned shade. What a day!!

It is remarkable to me that the kiddos enjoyed this excursion as much as we did, albeit for different reasons I’m sure. I can’t wait to share these photos with them again someday. How beautiful it is to travel this world and share it with our children. The world is your oyster!!

Diane Rose
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