Duthie Hill Park, What (Little) Boy’s Dreams Are Made Of!

Duthie Hill Park is the magical outcome of what a county and a non-profit organization can build together when creative minds are determined to get their community outdoors. This mountain-biking park boasts 120 acres of wooded forest, rolling terrain and well-draining soil. It’s built for mountain-bikers, by mountain-bikers and it’s incredible from start to finish… and I’m rolling with a 4 year old!

Beckett is completely obsessed! He’ll ride these trails for hours. Our favorite trails are Bootcamp (a pretty large loop) and Honey Badger (a much smaller loop). Both trails have nice and easy up and downs, with the second half of the loop being predominately downhill. Beckett can really get cruising on these sections! When If he loses me, the trails are one-way, the signs are easy enough for him to understand and I can catch him on an uphill. We still spend a decent amount of time pushing our bikes, but the forest is beautiful, and I enjoy the slower moments. We even spotted a dear on one visit. When he can ride an entire green run, he graduates to the blue runs. That day is closer than I’d like to admit. He is progressing with each visit, and determined to try some new routes. There are a couple of fun pump trails in the clearing and the babe loves the “jumps” in the flow park. These are the only blue trails he’s allowed to ride, and he thinks he’s pretty cool. So do I!

Visiting is easy, the signage here is perfection!

Becks and the hubs hitting the pump trails and flow park! I’m not sure who’s having more fun… like father, like son!

Taking a break for some unexpected sunshine and nourishment.

The mountain-biking community is so friendly, kind and polite. It didn’t surprise me to learn that the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance was able to pull off such a remarkable park, utilizing countless hours and financial support from volunteers. I support this organization and hope you can too, there is literally something here for everyone.

Check out all this FUN-gus!

I’ll leave you with this…

Bring snacks incase your youngster wants to stay longer than you expect, and extra clothing and shoes for the car ride home! Have fun and let me know that you visited!

Diane Rose
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