Fresh Air Found at Lynn Canyon Park, B.C.

Give me an excuse to travel to Vancouver, BC and I’m there! This was a particularly special visit, as I was celebrating a big birthday with one of my bests. And besides eating our faces off (…and you HAVE TO do that in Vancouver, OMG, so yummy!!), we ventured out on this little jaunt and enjoyed some of what the Big White North has to offer in the natural beauty department.

Lynn Canyon Park is located Northeast of Vancouver. It’s an easy drive, free parking and there are no admission fees. We chose this park for an experience walking it’s suspension bridge over the more, crowded Capilano. There were many options for leisurely hiking around. Enough hiking to make us feel marginally better about devouring our next meal, but nothing too strenuous either. It was the perfect addition to round out a pretty awesome weekend with the girls.

There is a beautiful welcome center as you enter the park with real bathrooms, a snack shop and medical staff if you need them.

Our adventure started with a walk across the suspension bridge that stretches the canyon, 50 meters below.

By the way, they absolutley DO NOT want you cliff jumping here! These signs, although of serious nature, really cracked me up. I was a bit hungover, but funny, no?!

The hiking trails were well manicured, many of them, wooden walk-ways, and there were plenty of stairs. Bring on the calorie-burning!

And, these souvenirs for the birthday girl…

This one, totally for me. Ha ha!

We missed the berries by a month or so, but some lucky hikers are sure to take advantage of these beauties when ripe.

Happy trails and warm birthday memories, Taryn!

Diane Rose
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