Fun and Funky, Ocean Beach

I’ll never forget the day I found out that Taryn was pregnant (she ordered a Sprite with lunch). Then I was pregnant, and we were both having boys. We were so excited to be raising our babies together, instant BFF’s! Well, then we moved… to Washington.

It hasn’t been easy living away from so many people we consider family, and a city we love so much. I am thankful for the flexibility to visit often, and the willingness of our San Diego family to take us in. In many ways, we get more quality time together, and the relationships I was so afraid would fade, have thrived. And our boys, well… they love each other, a lot!

With renovations on their house underway, Beckett decided we should crash Jameson’s VRBO beach rental for a night, and whoop-it-up in Ocean Beach. I’m so glad he has these kinds of ideas. Haha. We puttered down Newport Avenue, made our way through the famous OB Farmer’s Market, and feasted on Mexican Food at Mike’s Taco Club, outside, at sunset. Excellent! We closed out the evening with Cravory Cookies (YUM!!) and the promise of a full day at the beach ahead.

Our beach day started with cliff explorations and a serious dose of cuteness!

We headed back to the beach to log some time in the tide pools. The babes were quickly distracted by these beach cruisers, and some pretty cool officers who let them climb around on them and push all the buttons.

How amazing are these tide pools?! And, we had them practically to ourselves!

Becks tried so hard to be patient, and wanted so much for this little hermit crab to come out of it’s shell. He just couldn’t help wiggling, but got to see them plenty active in the water (as it should be, really).

The boys were ready to burn off some energy, so we wandered over to a nice patch of sand and plopped down. Taryn and I watched the babes goof around and I, especially, enjoyed another beautiful day.

These two together really make my heart happy. Truly.

It’s getting harder and harder to deny the pull I feel from the ocean. It doesn’t help that the Moana soundtrack is constantly running in my head… “See the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me…” Haha. I’ll see you soon, good friend.

Peace-out, OB.

Diane Rose
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