Salty Air, Sunshine and Golden Memories

San Francisco is easily becoming a city on my favorites list. The city’s walkability (and public transportation), the diversity, the FOOD, and all that water is so compelling!! I should probably also mention that I’ve been extremely lucky in the weather department on all of my visits. Haha. The beauty here is undeniable, these pictures tell the story quite well.

I first took a guided bike trip across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito with the hubs. It was so much fun, easy and straight-forward, that for this trip I decided my sis and I could do it self-guided in order to be more flexible with our time. I knew I had to repeat the experience for my sis, a San Francisco first-timer, because what is more iconic than a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge?!! Well, maybe riding a Cable Car… we did that too!

And, isn’t it crazy that these puppies are still turned around by hand?!!

We rented our bikes from Blazing Saddles and set off on our way, taking in the sites along San Francisco’s waterfront and enjoying the sunshine.

Our pace was leisurely and the ride was enjoyable. There are a few slopes, offering a bump to the heart-rate, but overall, this is a ride for anyone who can navigate a bicycle. Even my sister, who I think was a bit surprised to hear I wanted to bike the Golden Gate, was charmed by the views and ease of our route. The (approximately) 8 mile ride took us about 2 hours, with multiple stops for pictures and side-explorations.

These historic homes in the Presidio, Pilot’s Row, have been renovated for civilian use and have views of the Golden Gate Bridge from their enclosed front porches. Originally built to house pilots and their families of the nearby Crissy Army Air Field, these homes are now rented by the Presidio Trust to help fund, protect and preserve the park’s natural, scenic and historical treasures. Pretty cool (and I’m quite sure, pretty expensive).

The most photographed bridge in the world…

Looking back at the city, and Alcatraz and Angel Island in the mist.

Our decent into Sausalito was swift, and a burger lunch was well-deserved. We tooled around for a bit, after filling our bellies, and took the ferry back to the city.

I have a feeling this second trip across the bridge won’t be my last. It really is the perfect way to experience the allure of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I hope I go to Heaven, and when I do, I’m going to do what every San Franciscan does when he gets there. He looks around and says, ‘It ain’t bad, but it ain’t San Francisco.’ -Herb Caen

Diane Rose
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