Splitsville, Orlando

We’d had our fill of sunshine (sounds crazy, right?!) and needed a less-expensive option between theme park days. We found it at Splitsville. This bright and bustling bowling alley in the middle of Disney Springs took care of all the details and got you bowling in a jiffy. I always get frustrated trying to figure out how to work the machine where you enter player information, don’t get me started on maneuvering the bumpers (is that the technical term?). Our names were entered and bumpers were programmed to come down automatically when the babe was up before we ever reached the lane, what a treat! Our shoes met us there along with an attentive waitress who kept us eating and drinking. These pictures are not amazing, but I couldn’t help sharing them because Beckett is the most, adorably animated bowler!

He got a strike! The ball took 12 minutes to get to the pins, but…

We eventually switched to this method, which was more exciting for all of us!

Mommy ordered some wine and got help entertaining the babe, always a plus in my book!

A fun stop in Disney Springs.

Diane Rose
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