Kayaking Around Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia

This little excursion was recommended by several friends, and I’m not one to pass up the opportunity to go kayaking (especially with the hubs, because he does most of the work, ha ha). I love leisurely activities that make me feel like I accomplish something, without having to be in sweaty clothing for hours. This wasn’t what I’d call leisurely, per se, but I did feel pretty accomplished afterward. And, watersports are the easiest sports in which to cool off… did I mention it was HOT in Croatia?!?!

We started our adventure at the base of the city walls, received a bit of instruction and our life jackets, and then we were off!

Everyone was up for the challenge, and challenge it was, 3 hours of paddling (insert wide-eyed emoji)! I’d say anyone could do this with a moderate level of fitness, but it wasn’t at all easy. Our guide did a good job of stopping now and again for “history breaks” but I think we were all pretty tired at the conclusion. Man, I love this crew!

There was beautiful scenery along the way and I really enjoyed seeing Old Town Dubrovnik from the water. Oh, and we switched up the kayaks a bit to more, appropriately share the workload. Bonus for me, I got some quality time with my buddy and a better workout!

Our first stop was this cave on the farthest, horizon-facing side of the island.

As we rounded the island, heading back towards the city we were caught off-guard by this unforeseen surprise… of course the kids were pointing and asking questions, and yes, we tried our best to contain our own laughter! Ha ha.

Thankfully the current was with us, and we swiftly made it to our “beach” stop for some well-deserved lunch, lounging, snorkeling and swimming.

This little cutie really enjoyed his lunch, although, it’s questionable if his was well-deserved.

This was a really great way to spend the afternoon, I’m so glad we were able to fit it in!

Thanks for paddling along!

Diane Rose
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