Torrey Pines Natural Reserve, a San Diego Favorite

One of the things that I love so much about motherhood is getting to experience things, I’ve done previously, completely differently when I’m with Beckett. This beach hike is a perfect example. The views from here are impressive, it’s undeniable, but with Becks it’s less about the big-picture and more about the little things. It’s the bugs, the flowers, the sounds, the smells. It’s having conversations about zombies, and planets, and firetrucks and chatting with complete strangers (because Becks is about the friendliest kiddo, like ever!). It’s watching his confidence evolve, his readiness to lead, his ability to work hard and at the same time enjoying the moments when he still needs his mommy. These are the best days.

We started our hike from the lower parking lot because I knew we’d make it to the beach one way or another.

Experiencing San Diego in a “super bloom” was so incredible.

Beach trail! And we’re off (Beckett, sans backpack…)!

This day was unbelievable, I wanted to post 100 photos.

These cactus flowers had me all sorts of heart-eyes. This is not a sight you get to see often or in this abundance. Gorgeous.

I mean…

Almost there! I’m so proud of this little dude. It was warm, he was “sweaty”, but he walked the whole way.


His favorite thing is playing in the water, I’d gamble on it being salt water! Shoes were off immediately.

The perfect hiking gear, even if I wore the backpack the majority of the hike.

Seeing my boy love the ocean, makes me love it so much more. He is his father’s son. I wouldn’t be surprised to find webs between his toes. Haha.

“For my collection, mama!” Which translates to, carry this and get it home safely for me.

A few more on the walk back to the car.

A perfect day with my little dude, I hope you enjoyed the journey, I sure did.

Diane Rose
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