Tranquility in San Jose del Cabo

After, literally, stumbling down a cobble-stoned memory lane for four days with my girlfriends in Cabo San Lucas, the lesser-traveled San Jose del Cabo was a delightful reprieve. Add in my favorite two guys, good family friends and temperatures in the high-eighties and nineties, and you have the makings of a pretty darn good week.

We checked into Casa Amigos in the beautifully lush Fundadores neighborhood of Puerto Los Cabos. What a treat! I understood immediately why some reviewers of the property mentioned they never left it. The home is gorgeous! It didn’t resemble a rental in the least (until you found the Teflon cookware). Well-appointed, cold AC, space to spread out and amenities that brought three families together. In many trips to the Cabo San Lucas area over the years, I would come back to this exact property.



An added bonus of being guests at Casa Amigos was the freedom to use the Fundadores Beach Club. And use it, we did… except for on Tuesday, because they are closed EVERY Tuesday. We loved the pool that was several (welcoming) degrees cooler than the pool at the casa, and the restaurant that served ice-cold beverages straight to our lounger and piping hot papas fritas to our child. The hubs and I utilized the gym outfitted with floor to ceiling windows, where I watched in amazement the constant motion of butterflies on blooms. There is a golf course out there too, if you’re into that kind of thing.








The beach just outside of the manicured property was clean, white, deserted. The power behind the crashing waves could not be ignored. The “unswimable” waters didn’t completely deter our group, though extreme caution was exercised. My babe loves the water, and I love seeing him enjoy it. His joyous squeals while playing in the white wash, getting rolled and sand logged, are food for my soul, a blue core memory.


Still missing a true beach experience, we went exploring. After a quick search online, we headed to La Playita Beach. It took some figuring out, but we landed at the beach club at Hotel El Ganzo, ten minutes from the casa. We parked in a lot following signs to the Ritz-Carlton Reserve (not yet built). Heading towards the white umbrellas, we trekked in like 300 yards on foot from there, past the camel rides (yes, CAMEL RIDES!), dolphin experience and a floating restaurant and bar, La Isla. You can also take a water taxi from the hotel (hand to forehead), but where’s the fun in that?! No need to find another swimmable beach. This. Is. The. Spot. Protected water, groomed sand, water sport rentals and really amazing food, drinks and ambient beats. Loungers, umbrellas and towel service available for a very reasonable F&B minimum, FYI.









The week went by nice and leisurely. And not leisurely in a bad way either. Leisurely, in a much-needed-escape-from-real-life-monotony way. I couldn’t even finish a single book… slept late, took naps and never made it past 10pm.

Besides eat, sleep, swim, repeat, a few exits from the compound were note-worthy:
1. Flora Farm is as beautiful as they say and delicious to boot. We tasted wine in their tasting room and brought our favorite bottle to dinner, corkage is $25 USD. Their ice cream ruined mint-chocolate forever. It tasted like chocolate and actual mint. The plant, mint! Green and grows out of the ground, mint! There is a quaint store in San Jose town where you can purchase their farm-made beauty products, cupcakes, cookies and a small selection of organic produce and protein.







2. A visit to La Panga Restaurant did not disappoint. The open-air garden courtyard surrounded by 150 year old adobe walls was exquisite. The mole, perfection. Mariachis entertaining the children, the cherry on top.




3. El Ganzo Beach Club should not be missed (see above).

A couple things that made this trip particularly special, outside of the company we kept:
1. All the butterflies and giant black moths! OMG! I have never witnessed this, and I’ve definitely put in some time in the area. There is a good chance I was just too full of tequila, but still…

2. Gustavo Martinez’ chef and butler services were top notch. He made (a restaurant experience) dinner every night for our group and we were never disappointed. I can’t believe I didn’t get a single picture. I suppose I can believe it because this was about the time I got into the tequila and WINE! He believes in organic farming practices and rewards local farmers, ranchers and fisherman by shopping them exclusively. Bravo! or (52) 624 159 18727

I am way too tan for the local cold and rain, but a smile remains from our time in Baja.



Diane Rose
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