Winter Fun, Tubing at The Summit

Snow poured down on the PNW mountains this year, early and in abundance. You may think then, that it would be very easy to find a perfectly good sledding hill somewhere in those mountains. It is not.

Driving to the snow takes (maybe) an hour, finding that hill, close to another hour. It just doesn’t make any sense. We always find something, but feel like we settle for less than the ideal. This year, after getting kicked off one hill and basically trespassing on another, I decided to book reservations for our second attempt at The Summit at Snoqualmie Tubing Center. The day we went, 9 degrees… 9 degrees (!!!), but it was a lot of fun and hassle-free.

We headed up early and got into the first time slot of the day. I was able to snag tickets about a week in advance, but I’ll plan further ahead next time for later in the day. Maybe then, it will have a chance to warm up a little. Haha. The lanes are well developed, no lines form to head down the hill and best of all, there is no worry of the babe colliding with another or heading off course. We choose to hike the hill after our ride instead of waiting in a ten minute line for the covered magic carpet. It was cold, hiking kept us warm. The hubs was such a trooper towing Becks, he definitely earned his hot chocolate.

We rode the magic carpet on our final accent, and piled up our tubes for the next set of riders. We hit up the (indoor) bathroom before heading out and hustled to the car to warm up.

I can appreciate the value in finding a more private spot and making it your own, but sometimes it’s nice to know what to expect. Especially, when you have a kiddo asking “are we there yet?” every three and a half minutes. I highly recommend this little adventure and know we’ll be back!

PS… YES! My hair was basically in frozen dreadlocks. It was not fun to brush out after a too-hot shower. Remember your hair ties!

Diane Rose
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