Hello! I’m Di.

I’m a dreamer, a planner and I procrastinate better than most. I hate packing (and, am worse at unpacking) but love to travel, like always. I’m an experience junkie who can’t get enough of sunshine and cities and seclusion. I love champagne, tulips, lipstick and paperback stories. Sweets and sweatpants are just about my favorite things in the whole wide world.

I’m wifey to a very handsome and practical man who I met when I was basically a baby. I’m grateful we survived our 20’s together and grew into bona fide adults who still like each other, a lot.

I’m mommy to a beautiful boy and a fresh bundle of all girl. They push the boundaries of my intelligence, imagination and buttons daily (hourly… every-minute-of-every-day!!). I love them fiercely, unapologetically.

I’m pack-mom to a couple of the cutest pups around.

My roots are in Pacific Northwest where I was raised and live again, my soul longs for the salty air of Southern California where I lived for a decade. My heart is wherever I am with my family.

This is a glimpse of what our life looks like. We’re usually together, sometimes apart, but we love each other with all of our hearts. It’s not always pretty, in fact we’re often a mess, but we’re in it together and I feel ridiculously blessed.

Let’s travel, eat, explore and share.

Photo cred: Alexandra Labunets