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After, literally, stumbling down a cobble-stoned memory lane for four days with my girlfriends in Cabo San Lucas, the lesser-traveled San Jose del Cabo was a delightful reprieve. Add in my favorite two guys, good family friends and temperatures in the high-eighties and nineties, and you have the makings of a pretty darn good week. We checked into Casa Amigos in the beautifully lush Fundadores neighborhood of Puerto Los Cabos. What a treat! I understood immediately why some reviewers of the property mentioned they never left it. The home is

Beckett is 4

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Happy Birthday, Sunshine. I cannot believe that four years have come and gone. I look at you and see a little boy, not a baby, but a beautiful little boy! You’ve shot up over the past several months and are as tall as you should be, but my grasp on your growth is incomprehensible. It is inevitable and I am thankful. I just wish there was a way to hold on for a few more seconds. Much like many things I wish to control, this growth I cannot. And I

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