Beckett is 4

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Happy Birthday, Sunshine.

I cannot believe that four years have come and gone. I look at you and see a little boy, not a baby, but a beautiful little boy! You’ve shot up over the past several months and are as tall as you should be, but my grasp on your growth is incomprehensible. It is inevitable and I am thankful. I just wish there was a way to hold on for a few more seconds. Much like many things I wish to control, this growth I cannot. And I will not, ever! My wish is you will grow in so many ways that my wildest dreams could not prepare me for what you have in store.

Four. Years. Old.

Your brain grows bigger, brighter, and more colorful than I can believe. Your imagination runs without borders and language flows from your mouth like some twice your age. Our conversations are never boring. You challenge me to stretch beyond what is logical, remembering what it is like to explore a world that is new, where possibilities are only limited by what you can imagine. You are learning always. Listening always. Memorizing and comprehending at a pace that is astounding.

Four. Years. Old.

Your personality exceeds your 4T britches, you definitely take after your daddy in that regard. Everyone is a potential friend and you rarely hesitate to take up in conversation with a stranger. More smiles have resulted from your presence alone than you could orchestrate by actually trying. You are a ray of sunshine not only to your daddy and I, but to everyone who has the pleasure of knowing you. You are so funny! You are without fear. You are trusting, loving, compassionate. Your innocence is a breath of fresh air. I have never been so proud of anything in my whole life than the human you are.

Four. Years. Old.

This year you got your first runs on snowy slopes, learned to ride a bike, climbed everything acceptable and continued your quest to swim. Your favorite activities are in water, swimming, splashing and diving. You can never get enough of it! We traveled to San Diego so many times you became a member at LEGOLAND. We went to Disney World’s Hollywood Studios and cruised through the Caribbean with Mickey. We visited Lake Tahoe, Phoenix and Whistler, BC. We spent two weeks in Hawaii, first on Kauai and then on Oahu. You saw the sun rise, “climbed” Diamond Head, met sea turtles and went nuts for shaved ice. As a family, we rode a surrey and a train for the first time. We saw Taylor Swift in concert and Disney’s Frozen on ice. You were a minion for Halloween. Mommy started preschooling you at home and got you eating shellfish (whoo hoo!). You share your daddy’s love for the outdoors and together you built snowmen, played volleyball and swam until your skin wrinkled (again and again).

Four. Years. Old.

Everyone warns you that this will happen, that time will disappear. Some days it seemed impossible, but it happened, and now you’re FOUR! Perfect, and four. You are everything to your daddy and I. Our hearts are so full. I wish you could see the tears that would have surely soaked these pages had they been written in ink. Tears of pure joy. Tears because, Beckett, you are pure joy!

I love you to infinity and beyond,

Diane Rose
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