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Dear Remy, I want to tell you a little bit about your family. I’ll start with your daddy, because without him, there is no us. He is the heartbeat of this family. He is constant, strong, dedicated and his love for us is something I couldn’t have expected, but have watched in awe as each day passes with immense pride. This family began when he chose me, and I’ll never know how I got so lucky. He will protect you from what he can. He will think of every way

Dear Beckett, You started Kindergarten this morning. Oh my goodness… KINDERGARTEN! I know that you have been anticipating this all summer, and you are ready! You are excited! You make these kinds of days easier on Mommy than they should be. You’re out-going and confident. You make new friends without any trouble and love reconnecting with familiar faces. You are radiant, joyful and your smile lights up any room. You look so handsome. I am so proud of you. There are days that I look back at pictures and videos

Beckett is 5

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Five years ago, today, we brought home the most incredible gift from God. A baby boy we named Beckett. *** Beckett, I am forever thankful for the day you were given to your daddy and I. There will never be another day like it. You are everything. Nothing compares to you. Nothing. This is your story. Wednesday, May 2, 2012: After 10 hours of contractions that never seemed to align the way they should, daddy drives me to the hospital, against triage’s advisory. I was prepared to be sent home.

Beckett is 4

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Happy Birthday, Sunshine. I cannot believe that four years have come and gone. I look at you and see a little boy, not a baby, but a beautiful little boy! You’ve shot up over the past several months and are as tall as you should be, but my grasp on your growth is incomprehensible. It is inevitable and I am thankful. I just wish there was a way to hold on for a few more seconds. Much like many things I wish to control, this growth I cannot. And I