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As part of Grandma’s birthday outing, we also visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition in Seattle. A first for myself, and… WOW! I always thought the free viewing you get from the Space Needle and the sneak peaks from around the building were enough to, sort-of, not pay to see what was inside. I was very wrong. Had I not been with an impatient 4-year-old, I could have spent hours here. It’s one of those unbelievable spaces that makes you appreciate art and this man’s interpretation of it. Spectacular!

I have always said that on a bright, sunny day, Seattle, is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. I just love all the water! That water also makes for some of the most, horrendous traffic I’ve ever seen. But on a perfect day, the silver lining of the pain-staking, slow commute is the view, and it doesn’t disappoint. Not even from the freeway. Grandma was visiting for the first time in nearly a decade from Minnesota and I wanted to do something with her that would be