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Cooler temperatures and blue skies have been a welcome delight in the PNW and getting out to enjoy these beautiful days have been easy. I wanted to kick off the season with a trip to an apple orchard. Becks has been talking a lot about apples in school, and this was his first trip to a orchard. I have also been enjoying the crisp, sweet taste of our Washington Apples… and my mom makes a mean apple pie that I’m hoping to bribe her into making for me! After some

Give me an excuse to travel to Vancouver, BC and I’m there! This was a particularly special visit, as I was celebrating a big birthday with one of my bests. And besides eating our faces off (…and you HAVE TO do that in Vancouver, OMG, so yummy!!), we ventured out on this little jaunt and enjoyed some of what the Big White North has to offer in the natural beauty department. Lynn Canyon Park is located Northeast of Vancouver. It’s an easy drive, free parking and there are no admission

Duthie Hill Park is the magical outcome of what a county and a non-profit organization can build together when creative minds are determined to get their community outdoors. This mountain-biking park boasts 120 acres of wooded forest, rolling terrain and well-draining soil. It’s built for mountain-bikers, by mountain-bikers and it’s incredible from start to finish… and I’m rolling with a 4 year old! Beckett is completely obsessed! He’ll ride these trails for hours. Our favorite trails are Bootcamp (a pretty large loop) and Honey Badger (a much smaller loop). Both

Snow poured down on the PNW mountains this year, early and in abundance. You may think then, that it would be very easy to find a perfectly good sledding hill somewhere in those mountains. It is not. Driving to the snow takes (maybe) an hour, finding that hill, close to another hour. It just doesn’t make any sense. We always find something, but feel like we settle for less than the ideal. This year, after getting kicked off one hill and basically trespassing on another, I decided to book reservations