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Getting to experience Old Town, Dubrovnik was an amazing way to start what will go down as a pretty, special adventure. We embarked on this journey with two other families who are truly the best kind of friends, the friends that have become our family. Or framily, ha ha! It is a extraordinary life that we get to share with these folks… our friendships growing richer and more colorful, our shared interests and beliefs enriching each others families, and getting to witnessing our kiddos interact as friends and combat as

Give me an excuse to travel to Vancouver, BC and I’m there! This was a particularly special visit, as I was celebrating a big birthday with one of my bests. And besides eating our faces off (…and you HAVE TO do that in Vancouver, OMG, so yummy!!), we ventured out on this little jaunt and enjoyed some of what the Big White North has to offer in the natural beauty department. Lynn Canyon Park is located Northeast of Vancouver. It’s an easy drive, free parking and there are no admission

San Francisco is easily becoming a city on my favorites list. The city’s walkability (and public transportation), the diversity, the FOOD, and all that water is so compelling!! I should probably also mention that I’ve been extremely lucky in the weather department on all of my visits. Haha. The beauty here is undeniable, these pictures tell the story quite well. I first took a guided bike trip across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito with the hubs. It was so much fun, easy and straight-forward, that for this trip I

I absolutely love tourist attractions and historically important sites. But, I’m guilty of planning too much and committing to very little when I travel. I really like to feel out the day when I wake up. This is not always conducive to seeing said attractions, so I am working on improvement in this area. Haha. Alcatraz has been on my list for quite some time and I was thrilled to explore it for the first time on such a beautiful day. Alcatraz is also a place you definitely need to

I’ll never forget the day I found out that Taryn was pregnant (she ordered a Sprite with lunch). Then I was pregnant, and we were both having boys. We were so excited to be raising our babies together, instant BFF’s! Well, then we moved… to Washington. It hasn’t been easy living away from so many people we consider family, and a city we love so much. I am thankful for the flexibility to visit often, and the willingness of our San Diego family to take us in. In many ways,

One of the things that I love so much about motherhood is getting to experience things, I’ve done previously, completely differently when I’m with Beckett. This beach hike is a perfect example. The views from here are impressive, it’s undeniable, but with Becks it’s less about the big-picture and more about the little things. It’s the bugs, the flowers, the sounds, the smells. It’s having conversations about zombies, and planets, and firetrucks and chatting with complete strangers (because Becks is about the friendliest kiddo, like ever!). It’s watching his confidence

Something fantastic has happened. I can actually let Beckett play with kiddos his own age, while only loosely supervising, and they don’t kill themselves or each other. It’s amazing! That “oh no, it’s too quiet” moment that would send you scrambling, sprinting… (poof) gone. More signs that my boy, is a baby no more. Visiting the desert is so wonderful because Beckett can just be a 4-year-old kid. He gets dirty, explores, wanders and pretends to be a cowboy. His “desert cousins” are the perfect ages, and they’ll play happily

I think New York is always a good idea. The fact that I have never been there during the holiday season is beyond me. Now that I have, I don’t know how I’ll ever not kick off the season with a visit. Hello, Christmas Spirit! I totally invited myself on my best friend’s trip that she had planned with her husband. Thankfully, they were ok entertaining a third wheel and the hubs gave me a green light, taking over the parenting department for the weekend. And let’s be honest, you

I had so many amazing ideas for our stay in Tampa. Then we got sick. I came down with an ever-morphing cold that completely stole my voice and countless hours of sleep. My babe fought with a stomach flu that robbed his energy and his tolerance for mommy’s adventures. The hubs, living in our tiny petri dish, prayed he wouldn’t catch one thing or the other. So despite having a bunch of amazing plans, we did nothing but enjoy the sun, the sand between our toes and some really yummy

I’d been so excited for this trip because I felt we had unfinished business in Orlando. I wanted the babe to experience classic Disney, and I knew I’d take him to the Magical Kingdom this time around. I didn’t know I’d be able to squeeze in two days there, but am thankful to have not forced the single, super-duper-long, marathon day. And, if I’m being honest, two days of Cinderella’s Castle and Main Street dressed up for the holidays was A-OK with me. Mosaic art in Cinderella’s Castle

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