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The Hubs and I just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. That is not a typo. Eleven! Now I must admit the celebrating part is a bit of an exaggeration. We are in the trenches with a newborn, who will not take a bottle, and, well, having a third wheel on your wedding anniversary isn’t all that romantic. But this post isn’t about our 11th anniversary, it’s about our 10th… and now that I think about it, said newborn was totally up in our (my) business then too! Haha. It’s not

Give me an excuse to travel to Vancouver, BC and I’m there! This was a particularly special visit, as I was celebrating a big birthday with one of my bests. And besides eating our faces off (…and you HAVE TO do that in Vancouver, OMG, so yummy!!), we ventured out on this little jaunt and enjoyed some of what the Big White North has to offer in the natural beauty department. Lynn Canyon Park is located Northeast of Vancouver. It’s an easy drive, free parking and there are no admission

San Francisco is easily becoming a city on my favorites list. The city’s walkability (and public transportation), the diversity, the FOOD, and all that water is so compelling!! I should probably also mention that I’ve been extremely lucky in the weather department on all of my visits. Haha. The beauty here is undeniable, these pictures tell the story quite well. I first took a guided bike trip across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito with the hubs. It was so much fun, easy and straight-forward, that for this trip I

I absolutely love tourist attractions and historically important sites. But, I’m guilty of planning too much and committing to very little when I travel. I really like to feel out the day when I wake up. This is not always conducive to seeing said attractions, so I am working on improvement in this area. Haha. Alcatraz has been on my list for quite some time and I was thrilled to explore it for the first time on such a beautiful day. Alcatraz is also a place you definitely need to

I think New York is always a good idea. The fact that I have never been there during the holiday season is beyond me. Now that I have, I don’t know how I’ll ever not kick off the season with a visit. Hello, Christmas Spirit! I totally invited myself on my best friend’s trip that she had planned with her husband. Thankfully, they were ok entertaining a third wheel and the hubs gave me a green light, taking over the parenting department for the weekend. And let’s be honest, you