Day Tripin’ in Montenegro

“At the birth of the planet the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegro coast.” -Lord Byron

It’s easy to understand how a poet who extensively travelled Europe could make such an eloquent statement. I’ll start my story with these…

We left our hotel in Dubrovnik bright and early in this little cutie.

The Croatian coast is just as beautiful, here are a few snaps as we left town.

This was a full-day trip, that really should have included an over-night stay, more on that later. Here we are leaving Croatia and then moments later, entering Montenegro. Yay! Another stamp in the passport. Haha.

Traveling with two other families meant we had our own version of the “Italian Job” convoy going on. It was a little too much fun for the daddies, a bit frightening for this little momma! There were more than a few instances where you crossed paths with other vehicles by mere inches, maybe less. I’m not joking!

These dudes are literally the coolest. Here’s our first look at the Bay of Kotor.

We held off on lunch to try a restaurant off the beaten path, getting a glimpse of the countryside in all it’s splendor.

Our first considerable stop (after lunch) was in the town of Perast.

I climbed that bell tower in the St. Nicholas Church, pregnant, huffing, puffing and sweating, to take in these sites. A worthy feat, and enjoyed moments of quiet.

Old Town Kotor was a beautiful stop and one where I wish we would’ve had more time. The fortress on St. John’s Hill was out of our reach with only an hour or so to spend in the town and the afternoon sun upon us. I can imagine the view from the top would be one not soon forgotten.

This guy has my heart. Omigoodness, how did I get so lucky?!

It’s not an ideal situation finding myself this far behind in our travels, but re-living this amazing place while rain and cold prevail in the PNW, is a treat I will savor with a smile on my face.

Diane Rose
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