Getting Away From It All, Proizd

Often times in Croatia I felt like I’d gotten away from it all, or at the very least, been transported to another time. This day trip, from the island of Korcula, was very literally away from it all. The pay off is some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen!

Like many adventures in travel, I find it’s the journey that enriches the beauty of the destination. This journey, shared with amazing friends, was no different. We started off from our accommodations in Korcula Town and headed West, taking in these sites at Pupnatska Luka.

How lucky (and adorably handsome) are these friends, getting to travel the world together?!

More views along our route…

We found a market in Vela Luka that sold us ice cream and some snacks for our journey. This sleepy, little town hadn’t quite woken for the day.

Here is Beckett, chomping into a big, juicy TOMATO… his snack of choice for the approximately 30 minute ferry ride to Proizd. We have been blessed with a kiddo who will eat almost anything. Documented proof, if somehow it goes away with the influence of his peers as he embarks on the Elementary years. Haha.

We arrived at our destination to find one restaurant on the island, the only amenity, which was not yet open. We were actually unsure as to whether they would be opening that day. Thankful for our snacks purchased in Vela Luka, we headed off in the direction of the beach. There were several routes, we just sort-of guessed and headed down a path.

I don’t think you can go wrong here. I understand one of the beaches was a nude beach, so we decided against that, not wanting to subject a gaggle of giggling boys on anyone trying to enjoy themselves in the buff.

There were never more than a handful of other visitors. The site was serene, minus our children who quickly took to the beautiful water on slices of inflatable pizza and posed for photos with simulated weaponry. #boymom #momlife

Boys will be boys, regardless of their actual age…

We did end up having a meal in the restaurant on the island, and caught our ferry back to civilization. I’d suggest managing your time and resources here if you plan to visit. You could very well end up sleeping alone on the island if you miss the last boat, or possibly starve to death (I’d never make it on Survivor).

Peace out!

Diane Rose
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