Hvar Town, a Picture Diary

Hvar Town was our fourth city visit in Dalmatia, and we were seeing a pattern emerge. The ancient town walls, fortress and other centuries-old, stone buildings in the area were a source of pride. They were well maintained, sparkling clean and proudly shared with anyone who cared to visit.

We explored Hvar Town, and one of the more beautiful fortresses on another perfect day in Croatia. The fortress, over-looking the town and with views out onto a glistening Adriatic Sea, were worth the climb (and nausea experienced that had now fully set in during the first trimester of a very surprising pregnancy).

The kiddos couldn’t help climb the seven centuries old walls that lead to the entrance of the fortress.

We poked around, posed for pictures and took in the scenery. These attractions proved to be fun even for the kiddos, who were always welcomed and doted upon. Croatians love children.

Beckett loved the cannons, and pretending (with his buddies) that he was living in the time of actually utilizing them.

Our decent from the fortress was easy, views abundant and these pictures will be forever cherished. How fortunate I feel to feast upon these sites with my own eyes…

…and, to have the best, forever, travel partner, who also happens to be very handsome. Lucky me!!

Here are some views looking back at Hvar Town from the water. Exquisite, isn’t she?!

Diane Rose
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