Krka National Park, Dalmatia

We called an audible, enroute to Plitvice Lakes, when a taxi driver said these five words… “You can swim at Krka”. With two boys drawn to the water, like moths to a flame, our destiny was changed, and it was worth it (even with a few hiccups).

We had no solid information, just rough directions and instruction to “follow the signs”. Aaand, we went with it! Haha. This is not me. I am a planner, especially when we travel. I’m game to change plans if new information arises that gives reason to abandon our course, but… who am I kidding, after slaving over details in advance, I do not change course easily. This trip caught me off-guard as I wasn’t the organizer, and having lost him in Split, we were headed in the direction of Krka. Sure enough there were signs. Unfortunately for us, there were destinations pointing in different directions. One, to Roski Slap, accompanied by a picture of a waterfall. That must be it, right? I can’t remember what else was on the signs, the important part of this story is that we chose wrong. Sort of.

The decent onto the Krka River was beautiful, I had to have the hubs pull over to get these snaps.

Upon our arrival, we knew we had made the wrong choice, our dip would have to wait. The parking area was nearly empty and the trail-head was easily found. We put on smiling faces anyhoo, and set off to explore.

These cascades are called Ogrlice, or necklaces, due to the flashes of silvery color.

Sometimes, even our wrong turns take us on a beautiful journey. I need to remember this lesson. We would have never discovered this intimate gem had we planned to only visit the swimming hole.

And what mom doesn’t live for a moment like this?!

Here she is, in all her splendor, Roski Slap. A waterfall indeed, just not the one in which you get to swim.

After spending an hour or so wandering around this lovely area of the park, we headed back to the car. We had to back-track from here to the tune of another hour, but now we were certain as we traveled to Skradin.

From here, we appreciated a quick splash and boarded a boat to our final destination, Stradinski Buk. I mean these names are so obvious, I have no idea how we made a mistake. Haha.

Stradinski Buk! Although not as well-known as Plitvicka Jezera, definitely a worthwhile stop given the time, and a little preparation.

I hope you enjoyed this little nibble, before the main course up next, Plitvice Lakes National Park! I can’t wait!

Diane Rose
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