Marvelous Midway, San Diego

This little San Diego adventure is getting filed under the category, #BOYMOM = AWESOME! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the time when Beckett would really be in awe of this place. My patience paid off, and (bonus) we got to spend the day with some of our favorite peeps. All aboard the marvelous Midway!

We started our audio tour on the Hangar Deck, geared up to earn our Junior Pilot Wings.

First discoveries: the Enlisted Sailors’ Bunks, Engineering, the Control Room and the Brig!

The Brig is the ship’s jail. We learned that if you acted-out in the Brig, the captain would take away your food privileges. That meant bread and water only, until you were back in good graces. Beckett also learned to tie a Double Sheet Bend Knot.

Next up: the Engine Room and then back to the Hangar Deck to climb in all the cockpits and push EVERY. SINGLE. BUTTON.

…And you can’t miss the gift shop… Becks certainly didn’t!

We paused for lunch at about the mid-point in our tour, enjoying a cool San Diego day on the deck overlooking the bay.

Then it was on to the Flight Deck! Suffice to say, this was Beckett’s favorite part of the tour.

With a heavy military presence, sites like this ship are common in San Diego, but to a tourist (especially of the little boy variety) this was a treat!

We finished up our tour of the Flight Deck and turned in our questionnaire in order for Beckett to receive his wings.

And, OF COURSE, we left with a souvenir!

I mentioned my patience paying off… Beckett wanted to be Batman for Halloween (snore!). He quickly changed his tune after this magical visit aboard the marvelous Midway!

Water was the most important resource aboard the Midway and sailors were only allowed two and a half minutes to shower. I knew I couldn’t hack it in our military, this confirms it! Haha.

In all seriousness, I am humbled by the sacrifice given by so many for this country and honored to share the story of the Midway with my child.

God Bless America!!

Diane Rose
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  1. Helen Rose says:

    The perfect day for a little boy.

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