A Milestone Anniversary in NYC

The Hubs and I just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. That is not a typo. Eleven! Now I must admit the celebrating part is a bit of an exaggeration. We are in the trenches with a newborn, who will not take a bottle, and, well, having a third wheel on your wedding anniversary isn’t all that romantic. But this post isn’t about our 11th anniversary, it’s about our 10th… and now that I think about it, said newborn was totally up in our (my) business then too! Haha.

It’s not often enough that I get to sneak off with my husband and enjoy him, all to myself (and it just got a lot harder). These kinds of trips are so special and Matt pulled out all the stops to make it an unforgettable one. I’d like to say that I’m so lucky I found him, but the truth is the only luck involved was the day our paths crossed. Everyday since then, I have chosen him. And that choice is the single, best decision I’ve made. Hands down. Without a doubt. In my life.

We wandered around Central Park, the weather was perfect and we lost hours just hanging out. I literally can’t remember the last time that happened.

We did not ride in a carriage, although that would have been pretty classic for an anniversary trip. Aren’t they magical? I can almost picture myself in the late 1800’s wearing a corset and bustle being courted by my handsome Matt in a top hat. Hmmm, missed opportunity?! Haha.

Baby bump alert!

This day was so beautiful. We followed up Central Park with the immersive Sleep No More theatrical adventure at the McKittrick Hotel. I wish I knew more about Shakespeare’s Macbeth, but this experience was unique and voyeuristic none-the-less, totally sober and 5 months pregnant. Beckett was super-pumped to receive our creepy masks, a memento from the performance.

Our second full day we spent taking in the views on Top of the Rock! A New York first for me! I wonder if it ever gets old being a tourist in NYC?!

Raymond Hood, the genius architect of the Rockefeller Center was said to be “a playful, charming, and party-loving architect who inspired such affection in his clients that they would build buidings they didn’t even need”. I mean, how awesome is that for an indelible legacy?

Look who also came to celebrate! I told you…all-the-stops! Having my best friend and her hubby in for the weekend was a beyond, special surprise.

We rounded out this day with a trip to Eataly and then won the lottery for tickets to Wicked at The Gershwin Theatre.

Let’s talk about playing the Broadway lotteries… It’s the best! I love to do this, and I love the story that usually accompanies the effort. This particular day we won 6 tickets (OMG) and met a cast member who humbly said she was “just part of the ensemble”. Well, she ended up being in nearly every scene, as so many different characters and we had so much fun trying to find her on stage.

There were sites, scenes, shows, pizza, Milk Bar, so many laughs, great company and a few of us ended our final night with champagne and tequila! I call a re-do on the last part!

New York, I love you! Matt, I love you more!

Diane Rose
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